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We walked together to the staff as i paid in cash.

The true mastermind behind all this. Lesbians rubbing their pussies. I also build a gym inside the base camp for newbies to improve themselves. Naked builders tumblr. We are uniting to become a perfect man. My legs were trembling. A bit too much testosterone? It is time for us to unite. Nashville, TN Closet fag 4. A new, perfect man has stood in front of the mirror.

It has been more than a month since my last story post. It was a serum to absorb anyone you want after you touch the person. If you have spent any time browsing this site in the past, you understand its focus on the viral nature of photos.

So he earned a few bucks. Christine mendoza naked pics. Prelude to Reunion What a horrible day, this morning i got email from an old friend.

Lastly, this one mail from the army … Duh they never stop, do they? He assures me that everything would be fine as he already prepared an antiserum to reverse the changes. They take all the glory of being a saviour in the time of need. I lied about keeping his mind intact. As two minds inside one perfect body. My body literally absorbing 4 hunks at the same time. Grooves on my abs sinks deeper as my abs grow, making it more visible. No more trace of them on my body. I really hoped the serum worked like what my surbodinate said.

It was an absorption serum. I can see the glimmer of joy in his eyes. He said it will take awhile, but i paid him everything he wanted. Perfect milf tits pics. Our body melt together. They probably did not intend for it to appear on a variety of porn websites, mostly frequented by masturbating gay men.

I shall take your knowledge to create and improve the serum you made. Even worse, those souls whom he merges, those life forces run rampant inside him.

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I notice that in most of the selfies I see, the subject is either well built, well hung, or both. Spy cam nude photos. Phones come with cameras on both the front and back. Naked builders tumblr. He clearly enjoyed the moment as i saw his hard manhood. I began to absorb him slowly. Guys in soaked sports outfits, sweat dripping off their skin, party people in sweat-stained shirts He gave me a manly deep kiss.

Maybe 30 photos at a time.

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If any photo began its viral life impromptu, it was this one. Our lips met, our tongues wrestle, using little time to give deep kiss as our head meld together. The twink came to our gym wanted to become a professional wrestler. Aw yeah, great idea. My balls were growing bigger, paradoxically making refilling the man juice inside. Hot milf big boobs. The brain and body are pumped with testosterone. Perhaps some reader will recognize them and post the information in the comments.

But the key was with the person i was absorbing. Enjoy and spread the word! I will use this serum to absorb his knowledge, and make more serum to absorb everything!! The last remnants of my pet was left inside my testicles.

A weight room is a temple of self. I pushed myself up into a standing position. His hunchbacked spine became straight again. No more trace of them on my body. MY bed as i look upon myself on the mirror. This fine fellow has spent many an hour in the gym, building up muscle under the delusion it will compensate for his undersized manhood. Hot massage lesbian sex. I brought ropes, i tie his arms. Unlike the firefighter who used absorption serum only to absorb physical properties, this serum merges both mind and soul.

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