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Startrekwatcher Sun, Jul 30,5: This virus has as its symptoms, the display of irrational behavior, founded in the inner mind of the crew members. Young girls getting nude. Jadzia Dax is pure fire! Ultimately, the show is too goofy for its own good, but it's at least not boring. Star trek actors naked. Have to agree with the previous commenter that it's a miracle the series survived these early episodes which are just total camp.

The other good thing besides Wesley was Data's "If you prick me would I not leak. Very good choices on most, especially 7of9. Is she your grandma? Rather, I think we are both drawing from a common source a forum on the subject from mid s with powerful opinions that affected both of us and resulted in such similar opinions. Get out of your geek mode of picking people you think you have a chance with.

Not even an honorable mention for Vash Jennifer Hetrick? Uhura is still the best. It was a terrible step back for a franchise that was already under fire from many long-time fans. And don't forget Wesley saving the ship at the end singlehandedly--no wonder why they keep replacing chief engineers each week, a drunk teenager can do stuff better than they can! This was the first and only time an episode of TOS was remade outright. Best naked bikes in india. And use restraint in putting on your makeup.

Instead, what we all remember about the episode was the talking cat. Why penalize Crosby for the haircut but not this one? To be fair I didn't really watch it back then either ; during TNG's original airing the first episode I saw was Conspiracy, and I wasn't able to regularly watch until season 3.

It signifies only nonspecific cognitive changes: As for the rest, I agree it is pretty campy, but we did have fun. And, Jadzia Dax is one ugly MF. A fragment of a collapsed star is careening toward the ship, which can't move because some fool has pulled out all of the control chips from a console. Starfleet is ostensibly a military organization, but its main aim is exploration, discovering new life and new civilizations to better understand the universe and the people in it.

How could you leave out Lt. Just an honourable mention? Corey Mon, Mar 11, Annoying, small-chested, and just not that pretty.

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Mister Spock, the men from Vulcan treat their women strangely. They initially forbade the kiss from taking place before the show and the actors themselves fought to have it included. Classy nude women photos. A fresh take on sports: Major Nerys should have made your list. At least Crosby is pretty. It might be this combination of beauty and character growth that made her a truly memorable addition to the show.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. I think one of the reasons we fans love it so much is because the actors get to push the boundaries of their characters to the limits. Star trek actors naked. Women, women should not look made up.

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This is the first, and possibly the last time that protocol restricts the way Kirk behaves towards a woman. When Kirk orders Uhura to take over his station on the bridge, Riley slurs: Screw you, early Data.

There are more but really — maybe you should have a list for each series or a total list of Transporter Chief David Renan User Reviews a brilliant intro 2 February by ozq — See all my reviews. Sexy russian girl sex. Also, where are Sally Kellerman and Joan Collins? Before viewing, I mentally pictured Jadzia making 4, although I had Kira for close 3. Definitely one not to miss! But Nimoy can do sexy too!

For better or worse, the franchise has always succeeded because it was never afraid to boldly go. A fun, amusing episode but nothing more. It would have made more sense to have Data man ops for the length of the episode and not involved Worf at all at this point in the series, it wasn't odd to not have one of the secondary characters appear in an episode. It's all quite subtle. I agree though, forgetting Chase Masterson, aka Leeta is quite an oversight and, of course to my taste, ex Batgirl would be moved up the list quite a lot.

I wished they'd spent just a few more minutes showing her working frantically in the lab while resisting the disease. How is Crewman Cutler from Enterprise never on these lists? SlackerInc Sun, Apr 9,9: Boldly going where no feminist has gone before.

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Lesbian sex watch free As members of the ship struggle to keep themselves in check, Lieutenant Tasha Yar seduces Data in the most memorable moment of the episode. Have you re-watched episodes with shots of her from behind?
Backpage escort women AND we are shown that Wesley has obsessively recorded and pieced together Picard's words so that he can pretend that he is on the bridge! Robot , procedural heavy days. And the vintage totty from TOS.
SEX CITY NUDE I also don't like the fact that in order for the events of the episode to even occur, the crew has to act incompetent rather than than professionals. Sure shes hot, and deserves a place on the list, but the odd shaped body and implants kinda drop her from the top.

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