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Facebook asking for nude photos

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BB code is On. A new report up next that may surprise you. Maggie wu naked. Facebook asking for nude photos. We see that kind of rhetoric showing up in human rights abuses around the world and in history.

What facial recognition technology do you have in mind that would not face the burden of frequent false positives nevermind false negatives and could scale to do this efficiently on an on-demand basis?

It's not OK to call anyone an animal. They simply could not permit Trump to take the Presidency and once he was in striking distance, I think they got really desperate.

National security is not a criminal predicate. How do you do your oversight? And I think at the end of the day, what we are going to learn about this country is that where we disagree, we are supposed to fight and fight hard.

It'll be used for private messages, I assume. Facebook users concerned one of their private photos may be shared online can reach out to several groups the company has partnered with — including the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, and the National Network to End Domestic Violence — to request a form. Privacy issues arise with the initial sending and receiving of the image, which could potentially be intercepted by hackers if not done securely.

Sending in our nude photos to fight revenge porn? This is well-understood problem with well-understood solutions. Do you spend a lot of time in West Hollywood? It's time now for our "Seen and Unseen" segment where we expose what is really behind the big cultural stories of the day. Penny from big bang theory naked pics. I think Congress ought to get the information first, write its reports then seek criminal activity, refer that to the justice department for special council.

RobertDeNiro 7 months ago So you're saying humans will be verifying nude pics submitted by users? Think about the dossier. I'd argue that's more the point of the internet in general, these days. I guess the rules aren't as strict there. Here is the problem, Laura. If nude photos are not allowed on Facebook, why do they need hashes of your specific photos? There is no reason to believe that Facebook doesn't have both the resources and the motivation to get this right.

No they were not. Please immediately remove the erroneous mention[s] from all your online services and delete it them from your servers. A normal file hash is probably not useful in this scenario. We also know that at least four top Obama officials regularly requested that the names of Americans be unmasked. Danielle, Dab just mentioned President Obama.

I mean if you look at Clapper he sort of admitted that they had spies in the campaign yesterday inadvertently. Even if Zuckerberg is still as much a creep as he was in private IM messages as a year-old, he's no longer the sole captain of his tiny boat.

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I'd assume that any matching photos would be manually verified to be of a nature possibly related to the subject at hand, "revenge porn", if the uploading user clicks the "hey, I should be allowed to post this" button? He is being trashed. That is a disaster waiting to happen. Kate bosworth naked pictures. My solution is for people to be careful with their nude photos or if they weren't, then face the consequences.

And even this Russian billionaire that hates Paul Manafort, only Garaposka said I can't stand him but this is ridiculous. Facebook asking for nude photos. The ever expanding surveillance state is a threat to our freedom and some within these agencies think they are omnipotent and above the law.

They simply could not permit Trump to take the Presidency and once he was in striking distance, I think they got really desperate. Originally Posted by Richard W. I am writing to Christopher Ray, what the process of document production, who's doing the redaction, what's the criteria, what was it, now we have John Loshwhat is it now, can't even get that information. This has led some security experts to warn that more needs to be done to combat revenge porn, particularly in terms of education.

I talk to retired agents all the time. No one wants to be accountable, people don't want to show everything. Don't you find that a bizarre idea? Maybe, but it's more likely that Facebook evolved into the type of organization where OSS became a benefit to the bottom line, and it was a decision made by people lower than Zuckerberg at that point.

They'll then be asked to upload photos to a "secure, one-time upload link" so it can be reviewed by a "handful of specially trained members of our Community Operations team," Facebook's Global Head of Safety Antigone Davis explained.

It's the idea of it that worries people. Czech natural tits. So are they also going to ask for everyone's SSN and mother's maiden name in order to combat identity theft? This might actually be a good thing, for me, but not for Facebook. Facebook already has a feature that allows users to report when an intimate photo has been shared on the site, but this process is an effort to prevent the photo from being shared in the first place.

The 30 Highest-Paid Actors in the World. We are on the case. We see that kind of rhetoric showing up in human rights abuses around the world and in history. Is there a way for the user to hash the image in their own machine while allowing FB the ability to discern whether it qualifies as being off-limits for FB content? But here's what's happened, changes have been made. And they consider giving what's called a defensive briefing. At that point they are committing a crime with little grey area for them to hide in, compared to a picture taken with consent.

It will be nice to get a little more evidence before we start doing those interviews.

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Facebook asks users for nude photos in project to combat revenge porn theguardian.

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